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Completely Remove IconsSliding.com Redirect Virus

“IconsSliding.com virus infection is now controlling my browsers. All efforts to reach my favorite websites were in vain. I attempted to access the desired websites, but this nasty browser hijacker keeps redirecting my browser to some unknown websites. I got no idea how my computer was messed up since I installed two advanced security applications in the computer. How can I fix the browser problem successfully?” Thanks for helping in advanced.


About IconsSliding.com Browser Hijacker

IconsSliding.com is a new browser hijacker distributed by cyber criminals to pilfer important information for economic purposes and it has the ability to ruin computer system. The interface of this browser hijacker seems as licensed search engine, and by this way, it tricks many computer users into taking it as the default search engine and browser homepage. It also pretends to offer some frequently-used functions like other licensed search providers do. With this hijacker infection, you will find it difficult to reach your specified websites, as you are casually redirected to IconsSliding.com or other unwanted web pages from unknown third parties. When you open a new web page or watch a video, there will be a lot of pop-ups that ask you to purchase some products, install or update some software or click on some clicks there. More annoyingly, the hijacker modifies your default search engine and browser settings. In this urgent case, it is necessary to remove the notorious browser hijacker entirely and promptly.

Malicious as the browser hijacker is, it won’t not only mess up your browsers, but also affect your system performance. Typically, the malware seriously reduces the system performance and make insecure modification on system files and registry values which are closely associated with crucial system functions. Unfriendly plug-in, ads-on, malware, adware and spyware will take this chance to slip into the contaminated system. Once the redirect infection invades your computer deeply, it is capable to trigger freezes, system crash and corrupted files errors. For instance, if some .dll files are corrupted by the threat, your computer may end up starting failure. Moreover, the redirect virus can lead to malfunction of your antivirus program, making it unable to delete any malware completely. Thus, manual removal can work.

This tricky IconsSliding.com redirect helps cyber hackers to access the infected system remotely to collect your financial information, privacy and other sensitive information for illegal activities. Sometimes, you may find that your Yahoo email, Facebook and online bank account cannot be logined because the web browser has been messed up by the redirect virus. Don’t ever trust the homepage and search engine provided by this browser hijacker, for they only offer you misleading information and content. Immediate removal of this browser hijacker is very necessary, because only by doing so you can surf safely.

To protect your computer and your privacy, remove IconsSliding.com redirect promptly. If you are not computer savvy and have no idea on how to remove this hijacker, you can follow the removal guide below.


Warning signs of Infection:

  1. It infects your web browsers without permission and changes the settings of browsers without letting you change them back;
  2. This browser hijacker badly disturbs you, with a lot of pop-up ads, when you are surfing online.
  3. Malware or spyware with attack your computer if these unwanted popups and suspicious links are clicked;
  4. The affected browsers will perform incredibly slowly while unresponsive webs will be expected more often;
  5. It modifies site scripting and disables browser’s Content Security Policy.


Manual removal guide of IconsSliding.com

If antivirus programs are not helpful in removing this browser hijacker, then manual removal should be considered. The manual removal is a cumbersome and risky task which should only be performed by the highly skilled computer users. If you are confident that you can handle it, follow the step-by-step guide below to get rid of IconsSliding.com: (Be careful when deleting the files and registry entries in different systems).

Step 1: Set the default homepage back


For Internet Explorer:

Click on Browser Tools

Select Manage Add-ons on the tools window

Click Search Provider

Here you can see many kinds of search engine option as Bing and Google, select your favorite one to be a default homepage.

Choose Search Results and click on Remove icon to eliminate it

Click Tools, select Internet Options and then the General tab. Here you can option a website you like and save it.

  1. Select ‘Search Results’ and click ‘Remove’ to remove it;


For Google Chrome:

Open Customize and control

Click on Settings

Select on Basic Options icon

Here you can reset your homepage (e.g.Google.com)

Once you choose a default homepage, click on Manage Search Engines and then click Google to be your default search engine.

Remove it from the browser by clicking Search Result and then the ‘X’ mark


For Mozilla Firefox:

Click Manage Search Engine

Select Search Results and then click Remove option, click OK

Open Tools, under the General tab, set Google.com as default homepage


Step 2: Locate related files of IconsSliding.com and remove them from the computer


%AllUsersProfile%\Programs\{random letters}\

%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\~r

%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\~dll


Step 3: Remove cookies on all browsers

Internet Explorer:

Click options on the browser and then choose Internet Options

Open General tab, click Delete Browsing History to remove all related cookies

Select cookies and click Delete



Click option

Select Privacy and then click on Remove Individual Cookies icon

Delete relevant cookies list on the box


Google Chrome:

Click option

Open Under the Bonnet tab

Select Privacy and then click Clear browsing data

Delete all cookies


Step 4: Remove malicious registry entries

Open Registry Editor on the start menu

Type in Regedit and click OK

Remove all the following registry entries

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings “CertificateRevocation” = ‘1’

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Attachments “SaveZoneInformation” = ‘0’


In summary

As IconsSliding.com is a browser hijacker that does harms the infected computer system and users’ personal privacy, it should be deleted timely from computer before it brings about more damage. This browser hijacker will greatly degrade your system performance, since it can download many ads and useless plug-ins, toolbars and some other harmful programs. When you click on any link or type any URL in the address bar, you will be redirected to other unexpected websites. A pile of popup advertisements will be displayed on your computer and attract you to download unnecessary programs or pay for their products. However attractive the interface of the hijacker infection seems, it is merely a risky computer infection not a licensed search tool that helps you browse various Internet Resources. When you see the browser hijacker appears on your computer out of nowhere, please remove it as quickly as you can. The redirect manual removal is risky and you should find a professional redirect remover to enable you to delete the redirect virus effectively.