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How to Erase Ourluckysites.com Completely

Can anyone help me to remove Ourluckysites.com redirect from browsers? The annoying redirect has messed up my Internet Explorer browser. Is it a virus? And it is so irritating in the way of serving continuous pop up ads. If you have the same problem, you can read the following post to find the solution as I’ve done.

About Ourluckysites.com

Ourluckysites.com redirect virus, known as an annoying browser hijacker virus, usually installs itself to users’ browsers while they are installing certain software downloaded from unsafe sources. It has been put into the spam email or embedded into some fake software programs by cyber criminals in order to better promulgate it among computers. It can be installed on the workstation of the computer through the install process of the freeware and rogue security program. Created by notorious cyber hackers who have been trained to use computer skill, it is actually a piece of identity theft which has the ability to masquerade itself as a helpful legal search tool. It looks normal at the first glance. The truth is that its prior objective is to obtain user’s privacy through pretending to be a reliable search tool. It keeps generating advertisements pages on the PC screen with the purpose of recovering development costs. Moreover, it will severely reduce the system performance as it did before. It occupies system resource and makes some other programs unable to run properly. This means your computer will fail to function properly.

As soon as it is installed, Ourluckysites.com redirect virus begins to modify browser settings and startup settings. The purpose of changing the settings is to create a good environment for the hijacker to stay longer in the system. You even fail to find out any traces of modification process. You should also be wary of the suspicious links displayed by Ourluckysites.com redirect for they usually contain malicious programs, fake antivirus, or some other potential threats. Do not click on them.

Troubles Caused by Ourluckysites.com Virus:

  1. It can affect the normal running of other legal software on system by conflicting with them.
  2. Pop ups and new tabs of ads occur frequently;
  3. System freezes each time when you attempt to load some program or system components;
  4. Websites are found on the bookmark list, but you have no idea who did it.
  5. Important system programs and services are disabled without consent.
  6. It accuses users of viewing porn webpage, downloading copyrighted content or distributing malware.
  7. It develops into different version and evolves many variants that hard to detect and remove.
  8. Unknown add-ons/toolbars are added to the browsers without consent.
  9. Unused shortcuts are found on desktop without obtaining your consent firstly.

Victims will suffer continuous harassing pop up ads and are redirected to unwanted webpage if their computer is infected with Ourluckysites.com redirect. You should keep alert while you are downloading and installing any free software onto your computer. Be careful when you are going to open an email from unknown source or click on a strange link on a pop up. You should also be aware of the promote programs listed at the bottom of the browser hijacker. What it is trying to do is lead you to click on it so as to redirect you to an unsafe page. These pages are full of unstable factors and unsafe contents. Most users are annoyed by the redirect virus, but they don’t know how they can effectively remove it from their machines. If you are one among those users, why not follow the guide below to completely get rid of the redirect virus and get your browser back to a normal state?

Your computer might infect this virus via unsafe freeware, shareware or advertising-supported programs such as various browser add-ons or toolbars. Once it enters in your computer.

Step by Step Instructions for Manual Removal

Step 1: Set the default homepage back

For Internet Explorer:
Click on Browser Tools
Select Manage Add-ons on the tools window
Click Search Provider
Here you can see many kinds of search engine option as Bing and Google, select your favorite one to be a default homepage.
Choose Search Results and click on Remove icon to eliminate it
Click Tools, select Internet Options and then the General tab. Here you can option a website you like and save it.
c. Select ‘Search Results’ and click ‘Remove’ to remove it;

For Google Chrome:
Open Customize and control
Click on Settings
Select on Basic Options icon
Here you can reset your homepage (e.g.Google.com)
Once you choose a default homepage, click on Manage Search Engines and then click Google to be your default search engine.
Remove it from the browser by clicking Search Result and then the ‘X’ mark

For Mozilla Firefox:
Click Manage Search Engine
Select Search Results and then click Remove option, click OK
Open Tools, under the General tab, set Google.com as default homepage

Step 2: Locate related files of Ourluckysites.com and remove them from the computer
%AllUsersProfile%\Programs\{random letters}\
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\~r
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\~dll

Step 3: Remove cookies on all browsers
Internet Explorer:
Click options on the browser and then choose Internet Options
Open General tab, click Delete Browsing History to remove all related cookies
Select cookies and click Delete

Click option
Select Privacy and then click on Remove Individual Cookies icon
Delete relevant cookies list on the box

Google Chrome:
Click option
Open Under the Bonnet tab
Select Privacy and then click Clear browsing data
Delete all cookies

Step 4: Remove malicious registry entries
Open Registry Editor on the start menu
Type in Regedit and click OK
Remove all the following registry entries
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings “CertificateRevocation” = ‘1’
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Attachments “SaveZoneInformation” = ‘0’


Ourluckysites.com redirect is the same with other redirect viruses, classified as a browser hijacker getting to users’ computer without their attention. It pretends to be a legitimate search engine like Google, but in fact, it is a fake one and does not provide any relevant and trustworthy search results when you do some searching. This redirect virus will disturb your work no matter what browsers you are using. It can rapidly spread via other virus or malware in most versions of Windows operating system. Don’t treat it as a normal website either set it as your homepage, or else your computer may be messed up by it. What you should do is to quickly remove it from your infected computer.

Tip: Find it too time-consuming to fix the browser redirect issue? To avoid any mistakes, please download professional redirect virus removal tool.