Favoritesearch.org Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

Favoritesearch.org redirect virus is a new browser hijacker that is designed to attack and occupy Internet browsers, forcibly modifying the browser original settings, replacing user’s favorite homepage with Favoritesearch.org. After that, the cunning redirect virus will control the default search service of the browser. Favoritesearch.org seems like a reliable and multifunctional search service, many computer users may pay no attention to it and use it as their default homepage.

Favoritesearch.org has the ability to block the access to some legitimate sites, such as antivirus software download centers, and redirect users to specific websites which contain thousands of advertisements and sponsored links. Besides, the redirect virus displays a sea of nonstop pop-up ads in user’s computer, especially when they launch some third-party programs like a media player, so that the users would click on them consciously. In most cases, these ads websites are meant to promote various goods. Commodity sales promotion, activity coupons, discounts on goods and bargains are other sources that can be exploited to distribute Favoritesearch.org redirect virus. This is the reason why most of the users easily come across Favoritesearch.org redirect virus.

Since Favoritesearch.org takes control of the browsers and modify some security settings, more and more serious computer security problems will occur. The threat may add certain toolbars or plug-in to the web browser so as to assist in its malicious activities. This done may result in poor browser performance, such as very slow browser response, frequent browser stopping working or even crashing. Moreover, the redirect virus may provide users with random links that might have been compromised by cyber criminals. In this way, once PC users visit those malicious sites, malware, rogue program, and other infections could attack the infected browser and even the whole computer without any warning.

How to Remove Favoritesearch.org Effectively

  1. Disable running processes on Windows Task Manager.
    1) Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to activate Windows Task Manager.
    2) From Processes tab, find out the associated processes of Favoritesearch.org and then right click on the End Process button to totally terminate them.
  2. Uninstall associated programs of Favoritesearch.org from the computer.
    1) Click on Start button, click Control Panel.
    2) Click Program, click on Uninstall a Program.
    3) From Programs and Features, locate the associated programs of Favoritesearch.org from the applications list, locate the associated programs and then click Uninstall button to remove them.
    4) Confirm the uninstall request then follow the wizard to complete the removal.
  3. Modify browser settings to stay away from the cyber attacks triggered by Favoritesearch.org.
    1) Enable the browser.
    2) Revert browser settings and fully remove the associated Internet temp files.

For Internet Explorer
Click Tools-> Go to Internet Options-> Click Advanced tab-> Click on Reset button

For Mozilla Firefox
Click Firefox-> locate Help option-> Go to Troubleshooting Information-> Click Reset Firefox button

For Google Chrome
Click the wrench icon-> Click Settings-> Click Show Advanced Settings link-> Click Reset Browser Settings

3) Reset the browser homepage manually.

For Internet Explorer
Click General from the Internet Options -> type a secure and new web address -> confirm the modification

For Mozilla Firefox
Click Options from the Firefox menu-> Click General tab-> type a secure and new web address -> confirm the changes.

For Google Chrome
Go to Advance section in the Settings-> Click Show Home Button-> Click the displayed Change link-> type a secure and new web address

4) Restart the browser to confirm the modification.


Favoritesearch.org usually arrives on computer by being embedded in some software update packages and pretending to be a necessary optional item so that innocent users will accept its installation request. Sometimes, it is also bundled with free downloads, such as music files or movies, and sneaks into the computer without permission. For the sake of your computer and personal information, it is advised to delete Favoritesearch.org redirect virus immediately and fully from your computer once detected.

Users should check whether their computers are infected by the redirect virus when noticing these symptoms on the computer: default homepage has been changed to another unknown one; lots of new add-ons have been added to the browsers unwittingly; numerous ads pop up on the browsers or computer screen. If you ever notice any weird phenomena on your computer such as homepage change, constant popping ups, and new add-ons appearance, you should run your antivirus program to scan the whole system to see if there are any attacks. Build the best guard on their computers. Meanwhile, it is necessary for PC users to make a double check on every file downloaded from Internet.