How to Remove Redirect Virus

How can I remove from my web browser? Lately I’ve found out that redirect constantly messes up my Google Chrome browser. Does it have the ability to completely ruin the browser? And it is so irritating in the way of serving continuous pop up ads. Please read more if you are bothered by this redirect virus infection. Redirect Description is categorized as a browser hijacker. It usually affects the web browsers when computer users try to download and install some programs from insecure websites. Its inventor puts it into the installation packages of some programs or some good software. When the freeware is installed, this browser hijacker also gets into the computer. Created by notorious cyber hackers who have been trained to use computer skill, it is actually a piece of identity theft which has the ability to masquerade itself as a helpful legal search tool. It looks normal at the first glance. The truth is that its prior objective is to obtain user’s privacy through pretending to be a reliable search tool. It keeps generating advertisements pages on the PC screen with the purpose of recovering development costs. Another bad thing is that this redirect virus will drastically decrease the computer performance. And users will have trouble running certain programs since the redirect virus takes up a lot of system resource. This means your computer will fail to function properly.

Once installed, will start to generate many annoying problems and put your computer in peril. One of the most undesirable problems is that the settings and configuration of the browser are unnoticeably altered and you cannot change them back. You even fail to find out any traces of modification process. The worse thing is that the redirect shows you unknown and unsafe links are associated with malicious programs, fake antivirus, or some other potential threats. Thus your computer is apt to be exposed to many unexpected threats.

Problems Caused by Virus:

  1. Your homepage, search engine, desktop backgrounds are changed without your permission;
  2. Annoying ads and new advertising tab keep opening up each time when you click any link on the browser;
  3. It violates users’ personal information and sent it to remote hacker without users acknowledge.
  4. Strange websites are listed in the bookmarks without your approval;
  5. Important system programs and services are disabled without consent.
  6. Some computer errors occur on your PC out of nowhere.
  7. The browser works weirdly but you cannot find out the reason.
  8. Unknown plug-ins or toolbars appear on the browsers without getting any permission.
  9. Windows system becomes unable to update and download newest data and information.

Usually, PC users encounter this redirect virus when they open attachments of spam, download freeware from unsafe sources, visit hacked websites or clicking on malicious links. You have to care about the programs and applications that you need to install or download. Don’t click on every link you see on a page strange to you. The redirect virus changes search bar all the time. What it is trying to do is lead you to click on it so as to redirect you to an unsafe page. You should be very careful if you are redirected to the unknown websites, for you may download malware onto your computer once you click on the malicious links contained in those websites. Even worse, this malicious redirect virus will damage the detection and deletion function of installed antivirus applications. Are you eager to find an effective method to remove the malware and take ownership of your web browser?

Your computer might infect this virus via unsafe freeware, shareware or advertising-supported programs such as various browser add-ons or toolbars. Please directly download an automatic removal tool to assist you to remove it.

Step by Step Instructions for Manual Removal

  1. Stop the running unwanted processes via Windows Task Manager

1) Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys at the same time to open the Task Manager.
2) In the default Processes tab, search for the related processes of then select them, click on the End Process button to disable them all.

  1. Remove the related programs of from the computer

1) Click on the Start icon to open the menu then click on Control Panel.
2) Find out the Programs headline in the pop-up window, then click on the Uninstall a Program link under it.
3) In the Programs and Features, search for the related programs of from the list, select them then click on the Uninstall on the top column to remove them one by one.
4) Confirm the uninstall request then follow the wizard to complete the removal.

  1. Reset the browser and restore the browser

1) Start the browser.
2) Reset the browser settings to clean the traces left by

Internet Explorer
Click on Tools-> click on Internet Options-> click on Advanced tab-> click on Reset button.

Mozilla Firefox
Click on Firefox button-> locate Help-> click on Troubleshooting Information-> click on the Reset Firefox button.

Google Chrome
Click on wrench icon-> click on Settings-> click on Show Advanced Settings link-> click on Reset Browser Settings button.

3) Reset the browser homepage manually.

Internet Explorer
Click on General tab in the Internet Options dialog-> type a new address in the homepage box-> save the changes.

Mozilla Firefox
Click on Options from the Firefox menu-> click on General tab-> input a correct URL in the homepage section-> save the modification.

Google Chrome
Find out the Advance section in the Settings-> select the Show Home Button-> click on the displayed Change link-> set a new address as the homepage then save the reset.

4) Reboot the browser once finished.


Similar to other common seen browser redirect virus, redirect is also capable of collecting important information and data from infected computer systems. looks like a legitimate search engine but in fact it provides not very much helpful information related to your search quires. It will generate online chaos when you are using it. It can rapidly spread via other virus or malware in most versions of Windows operating system. Don’t take it as a normal website as it will finally mess up your computer. Instead, delete it from your PC once you find it.

Note: Have difficulty in fixing the problem? To avoid any mistakes, please download professional tool to clean redirect virus.